Service with Soul

Holistic business coaching, consulting & operational leadership for solopreneurs & small teams

Ready to take your business to the next level?


I help you get a strategy & processes in place to grow. Time management, client onboarding & delivery, new products, hiring & managing new team members, your marketing flow & more.

I’m your partner to make your business simple & joyful


If you want a caring, collaborative relationship that supports you & your biz to grow in a way that fits YOU, let’s talk.

Let’s design the processes & platforms that free up your time


Growing your business can be fun when you have a guide & a strategic partner = more clarity & less overwhelm.


I help you build a values-based, sustainable business


20+ years in online business AND a holistic approach to work that emphasizes well-being, we’ll create a way of working you love.

Holistic business support 

Your committed partner to help you simplify, solve problems and grow your business with love & well-being.

Consulting, Coaching & Fractional DOO Services

The first step to working together is to create a Balanced Business Blueprint. This is a comprehensive plan that looks at your business vision, challenges & desired lifestyle.

Together we:

  • Organize your ideas in one place.
  • Prioritize your high impact tasks.
  • Identify clear action steps to your goals.
  • Strategize how to free up your time.
  • Stop feeling so overwhelmed.
  • Stay true to yourself.

About Heidi

I started my first online business in 2003 and am no stranger to overwhelm and burnout. By trying to do business based on a Type A, corporate energy, I created a thriving web development company that exhausted me.

My journey to find a better way led me to become a teacher & coach of yoga, Ayurveda & life coaching. I now combine that work with my hard skills in technology and online business to offer a holistic approach to business building.

To me, a holistic approach means creating processes and systems that work with your unique energy & genius. It means throwing out traditional ways of working to find the way that works BEST for YOU.

I love supporting solopreneurs and small businesses to fulfill their dreams. If you’re looking for a caring partner who can support you on a single project or for ongoing work, let’s chat.

Heidi Weiland

Who you are

You are someone that identifies as a coach, healthcare provider, non-profit, or business with a mission to change the world. You value integrity, open-mindedness, and meaningful communication. If reading this lights you up, we are already a great fit.

You're looking to take your organization to the next level and want a solid partner to walk alongside you.

I work best with clients who are looking for guidance, high quality professional work and to increase their impact. My clients are excited to invest in a quality solution and have a genuine intention to evolve.

I'm not a good fit for those that:

  • Think hustling & overwork is just how it's done
  • Care more about cash than values
  • Are committed to pushy sales tactics & manipulative marketing
  • Don't view wellness as a priority in their business
  • Need someone to be on-call to put out fires
  • Are looking for dirt-cheap services

Think we'd work well together?

Whether you have questions or just want to chat about the possibilities, I'm here!

I've truly loved working with Heidi. Her guided questions from the annual plan helped me to organize my bigger picture thoughts and dreams into a concise and reflective format. The annual plan itself has helped me to map out and visualize the steps I need to take to get to where I want to be in a time bound, realistic way. She took the vague concept I've had about what I want to do, and turned it into a clear roadmap.

~ Jackie Rowley, JMR GeoSolutions


As an HSP and psychic it’s incredibly important for me to work with people who have energetic awareness both of their energetic impact of those around them as well as sensitivity that some people are quite different than the mainstream. Heidi was a godsend. 

During a time I was spinning while starting a 2nd business, she came in and brought order to the chaos with such beautiful presence. She created a set of SOPs for me that I began using the next day to serve my own clients. 

She also walked me through her Balance Business Blueprint and I left our meetings with definition for the year ahead. So valuable! I highly recommend Heidi for your small business strategic needs. She’s the whole package.

~ Becky Strauss Coaching



Heidi was so helpful to work with. Loved how the first few minutes were spent on getting centered. Then she helped organize my files so they made sense and helped me stay accountable to my projects. Thank you Heidi!

"I chose to work with Heidi Weiland on two web projects; she's incredibly personable & provides more than just website design.  She helped define my business goals, identify exactly what I needed from the site & taught me (someone who identifies as being computer illiterate) how to manage & use it on my own.  Her mentorship & support throughout the entire process was priceless; from start to finish.  Heidi did more than create my website, but gave me tools to help me run my business smoothly."
"Collaborating with Heidi on my website was the best decision I have made!  She is incredibly easy to work with, extremely talented at the tech integration side of things, and truly creative.  I have been struggling with my website for over a year, getting serious and going with Sound Web Solutions has made the process enjoyable and finally I've got the traction and forward momentum for my business that I had envisioned."

Looking for life coaching?

Maybe you have a business - or not. Either way you’re feeling stuck and want help to:

  • Stop feeling so stressed out and create empowering habits for self-care and confidence
  • Rediscover your goals so that you have direction & a plan to make it happen
  • Realign with your purpose so you can do what makes you feel most alive
  • Feel more confident in your work & relationships so that you speak your mind and have more impact
  • Find a way of being in the world that honors your unique self, whether you’re an introvert, neurodivergent or just someone who doesn’t fall into the status quo
  • Have accountability and a non-judgmental space to work on your shadow side


You can learn more about my holistic life coaching approach on my website, Vibrant Living >>>