Balanced Business Blueprint

Create a strategic plan so that you know exactly what to do in your business to reach your goals

Without burning out or selling your soul

You’re succeeding in your business.

Clients love paying you and you love helping them.

But, there’s just too. much. to. do.


You feel like you barely have time to do the bare minimum, let alone get to the bigger business planning that needs to happen if you’re going to achieve your goals.

Which seems crazy because you started your business so that you could have more freedom & flexibility. Instead, you feel like a hot mess most of the time and work way more hours than you want to


This is a normal phase in the business life cycle. In fact, it’s a sign of success!


It’s also a sign that it’s time to take a step back to:

  • Reevaluate HOW you’re working
  • Decide WHAT is most important to spend your time on
  • Create a CLEAR, concise business strategy to guide you through the next year


This is also a perfect time to incorporate the concept of Regenerative Business into your work.

Regenerative business means that, instead of depleting you, your business nourishes you in a whole-human way. It’s all about making business human-centered (instead of at the expense of your well-being).

It is the guiding light for my strategic business planning - the Balanced Business BluePrint.

What it is

A Balanced Business BluePrint is a comprehensive business strategy that maps out the next steps to creating the business you envision.

To create your plan, we look at all the major areas of your business (ex. operations, marketing, product development, financial health, team, etc) and identify the key work that needs to be done. We then prioritize the work & map it out over the next four quarters so that you know exactly what you need to focus on.


You can then use you your plan to:

  • Guide quarterly, weekly and daily time management (which prevents you from getting sidetracked by shiny objects)
  • Translate your vision to your team (and inform your next hiring moves)
  • Prioritize what to invest in (software, education, marketing, coaching, etc)
  • Stabilize and scale your business (in a way that is sustainable for your energy)

Regenerative business means that, instead of depleting you, your business nourishes you & the people around you.

This is the guiding light for my strategic business planning.

What makes this regenerative?

Unlike traditional business planning that focuses solely on financial targets while ignoring your values, energy flow & relationship to your business (which can lead to burnout), we keep YOU at the heart of our planning. 

This means that we base your plan on:

  • Your vision for your business, your life & the bigger impact that you can have on culture & community
  • Your values
  • Your energy flow, mental health & unique way of being in the world
  • What being regenerative and human-first means to you

I might ask you questions like:

  • How does your nervous system feel about the way you’re marketing right now?
  • How is your financial system (or lack thereof) affecting your ability to show up calmly to sales calls?
  • What does it mean to do business YOUR way?
  • How does your business contribute to the world beyond your customers?

Your answers to questions like these guide us in building your Balanced Business Blueprint, so that you approach business decisions from YOUR energy & values (instead of someone else’s).

Your Balanced Business Blueprint will help you:

  • Identify and achieve your business goals
  • Identify the gaps to stability & growth
  • Determine your next steps to scaling
  • Inform your next hires & assign work
  • Improve time management
  • Improve your client experience
  • Establish boundaries
  • Reduce overwhelm
  • Enjoy being & growing in your business


Client Love

"I just sent off my first email to a perspective full paying client for a business plan and likely good paying follow up retainer work! SO grateful for your support in making the SOPs and templates and such. I don’t think I could have done it without your support, but for reals. SOoooooooooo much gratitude coming via a rainbow from Oceania to Alaska today!"


Starting at $1111.
Payment plans available.

This includes our deep-dive strategy call(s), a comprehensive Business Clarity document and a Balanced Business Blueprint. Exact cost depends on the size of your business.

To ask questions or sign up, send me a message by pressing the button below.

Who this is for

This work is for you if you:

  • Are a solopreneur or small team that works in online service based business
  • Have consistent, predictable income and proven messaging that brings a regular flow of clients
  • Make $60k or more annually and have (or are ready to designate) funds earmarked for investing in their business
  • Need expertise and support to learn business skills and build out business process and structures
  • Want to create a solid foundation for your business that is build on sound business principles AND a human-centered approach
  • Care about being financially successful AND about the wellbeing of yourself, your team and your clients. Business is never at the expense of wellbeing.
  • Prefer to work with a values-based/regenerative consultant and having a passion for conducting business in a nourishing way.
  • Aspire to do business differently, with a desire for a human-centered, regenerative approach that ultimately contributes to shifting business on a cultural level.

Take the next step to Regenerative Business Planning

This is a good fit if you've been in business for over a year, have made $60k+ and want to stabilize or grow.

To ask questions or sign up, send me a message.

Why does this work matter?

So much traditional business advice can feel yucky and exhausting. You’re encouraged to set “impossible” financial goals then push yourself through your discomfort to take consistent massive action. Following the strategies of extroverted Type A high performers can leave sensitive folx feeling depleted, disappointed and like who they are isn’t good enough.

On a bigger scale, using manipulative marketing and sacrificing your own well-being in service of more and more money upholds larger cultural values of extraction, consumption & white supremacy.


Being regenerative also means that your business impacts the larger world in a way that is nourishing, sustainable and upholds higher human values.

By simply doing business differently, one baby-step-at-a-time, you contribute to a larger cultural shift.


How do I “do” Regenerative Business?

Regenerative business is something that you transition into gradually.

When you hold this concept in your heart, it guides your decision making. Over time your business will evolve and it will embody regenerative values not just in concept but in all the major areas of your business - operations, team, finance, marketing, etc.


To take this journey, ask yourself “how can I make this more regenerative for myself & others”?

Do this often and you will be well on your way.

If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.

~Anita Roddick

Heidi Jandel Weiland, Holistic Life Coach

Hi, I'm Heidi.

I'm your partner to make your business simple & joyful.

If you want a caring, collaborative relationship that supports you & your biz to grow in a way that fits YOU, let's talk.


I started my first online business in 2003 and am no stranger to overwhelm and burnout. By trying to do business based on a Type A, corporate energy, I created a thriving web development company that exhausted me.

My journey to find a better way led me to become a teacher & coach of yoga, Ayurveda & life coaching. I now combine that work with my hard skills in technology and online business to offer a holistic approach to business building.

To me, a holistic approach means creating processes and systems that work with your unique energy & genius. It means throwing out traditional ways of working to find the way that works BEST for YOU.